Friday, November 4, 2011

Group 7 Wrap-Up

Better late than never, but here it is! Group 7 did a fantastic job, and during this workshop Handshouse met their goal of having four completed zodiac sections and two completed ceiling sections. So here it is, the Wroclaw workshop at the White Stork Synagogue in pictures!

Group 7 arrived in Krakow to do some site seeing, so the Wroclaw workshop started off with a wonderful dinner of students and the entire team at the Ariel Restaurant on the last night in Krakow. AMAZING!!!

One of the many amazing buildings in one of the squares in Wroclaw

Another view of the square
The exterior of the White Stork Synagogue, our gracious home for the next couple of weeks

Inside the Synagogue before we fully moved in
And of course, what is a painting workshop without a little moving and set-up?! :)

No workshop or workday is complete without introductions, a morning meeting, and a story or poem to inspire

Some of the fearless leaders ready to go for the last workshop of the summer. Check out those happy and determined faces!
Cameraman Dan gets a little face time now that professor and Group 7 faculty leader Rian has arrived
Once set up, Emily takes the group through a glue making and paint mixing lesson

Emma, Mary and Kelsey learn what it takes to paint the flame borders

Andrea transfers a section of Hebrew text onto the board

There is always lots of transfering to be done, this is an eagle from the North Wall Dome

Getting set up to transfer the North Wall Dome--so many flowers!

Charlotte and Zach learn how to paint rope borders

Zach and Emma trace the drawings Tom Hubka created for the cove section

Which vines are the right vines?

Working on Borders

Evryone hard at work!!!

Part of the learning takes place at other locations visited on field trips

Inside a beautiful church

Outside another

Nick set up the West Wall as the backdrop for the evenings concert

It was a wonderful performance

Now that all the flowers have been figured out the are ready for the real thing

Sarah finishes up one the flowers she learned to paint by getting it onto the panels

Rashin works on the medallion image

Elaine works on an Eagle

Jeanie adds the border to Nick's Turkey

Silvia and Olga get more background on the Synague

Anna paints a unique beautiful flower

Cailigh adds the shade layers to a flower

Rashin puts the finishing touches on the wall by adding the black outlines

The finished walls!!

A close-up of the right portion of the North Wall Dome