Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Painting has Begun!

The site has been cleared, the boards packed up, and the rest of the team has arrived! We are now at the site of the first workshop, the BWA Gallery in Rzeszow. The building, which is now an art gallery, is a converted masonry synagogue. In case you missed it, a crane was brought in on the last day to take apart the structure which is now in storage mode at the Skansen in Sanok waiting to go to Warsaw.

The site on Group 2's first work day

Trusses in progress

The frame while the planking was being installed

The frame coming down

One of the bundles being prepared for storage

Half the boards being prepared for storage before they are moved to Warsaw

The frame is disassembled and under the two tents on the left, and all the ceiling boards are wrapped up under the tent on the right, waiting to make their journey to Rzeszow and Warsaw.
The boards for the dome and zodiac for the North and West Walls, the Northwest Pendentive and Triangle, and the Southwest Triangle.

Half the crew for painting, who also participated in the construction, and the driver.

The gallery space after we fully took it over.

Getting the glue and pigments set up and figuring out test boards.

Ariel and Emily sizing the boards with the rabbit skin glue to prep them for gesso.

Jason and Jason laying out the boards and turning them into panels, and Nick is checking in and lending a hand

Emily is making the rabbit skin glue to paint onto the boards

The pigments are getting organized

Some samples of the colors that will be used for the painting

The painting portion is now in full swing, and the painting leadership team is working hard to get everything together. For those who aren't to familiar with the ceiling murals there will be more information to follow.

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