Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Krakow!

Group 6 is here in Krakow, getting stuff done!

We are also joined by several Polish students, they will be introduced soon. But in the meantime, here are some images of the work so far:

The new dimensioned images need to be traced and transferred, but they fit!

Before paint goes on the real panel, test blocks need to be made. Emily takes a crew through the entire process starting with gesso

Ariel explains the tracing process

Savannah and Conrad work on tracing the vines in the West Wall Upper Dome

Nick, Jason, and Rashin are working on the West Zodiac

Tracings are being made of the Lower Dome Hebrew and borders

Mixing pigments

Kate works on transfering the Pisces onto the West Zodiac

Nick and Anna work on the Zodiac Flame borders. These are transition boards between the Zodiac and Lantern

Alexa and Kate are making practice panels to learn the different techniques for each border element

Conrad practices the Hebrew text, it's trickier than it looks

Marissa measures out pigments to mix a batch of rope base light

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