Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Meet the whole Group 6! They are students and professionals from all over the US and Poland and are from several different universities, fields of study and occupation. Just to give some examples those schools and places include Brandeis University, MassArt, and the Galecia Museum in Kazimierz. Their backgrounds include Art, Architecture, Art History, Jewish Studies, Chemistry, Anthropology, and many others. They were a great help to the painting team with getting closer to this summer's goal of two full walls and a pendentive complete. We even threw two more Zodiacs into the mix, which are almost complete! So here they are!

Three of the Polish students even gave presentations on their area's of expertise. Konrad Matyjaszek presented on the architecture of Masonry Synagogues in Poland and what they have become. Agnieszka Duleba presented on Polish Jewish art of the 19th and 20th centuries. And Anna Wencel took us through the permanent exhibit, Traces of Memory, at the Galicia Museum. The exhibit is about the the Jewish memory in Poland today. Later she taught us about the art of Jewish paper cuts.

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